College Admissions in the Headlines: The Avoid the Summer Brain Drain and Read Edition

Poster-HeadlineHere are some of the latest, most interesting headlines about the college admissions process from media outlets across the country. Starting off…have a good read!

A college admissions counselor at an elite high school asked college admissions deans and high school counselors to send him recommendations of books that are great summer reads for parents, students and everybody else. Check out the unusual list. (The Washington Post)

There’s definitely a risk of “oversharing” in your admissions essay, say college admissions officers themselves. Word to the wise: be careful what you write about and definitely get a second opinion before you submit anything. (The New York Times)

Have you heard about the upcoming changes to the ACT? No, the content is not changing, but come 2015 test takers will be getting new score assessments that may be or may not be shared with the colleges to which you apply. Here’s what you need to know…and stay tuned! (The Wall Street Journal)

You shouldn’t consider attending a specific college without thinking about how safe the campus is. Here are some tips on what to know, consider, and discuss. (U.S. News & World Report)

You think the SAT, ACT, and the American college admissions process are stressful?  (Yes they can be!) Wait until you learn about how they do it in China. (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

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Russell Schaffer

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Russell Schaffer is Kaplan Test Prep's senior communications manager. In his position, Russell is responsible for helping lead our external media relations efforts, including speaking with reporters and bloggers on a regular basis about Kaplan's proprietary research and products. Russell also helps craft the surveys we regularly administer of students, advisers and admissions officers. The data collected helps guide the hundreds of thousands of students and parents Kaplan works with every year by giving them accurate and up-to-date information on the landscape. The data also keeps advisers and admissions officers in the loop about what their colleagues and students are thinking and doing. Russell is also the managing editor of KTP's internal blog, which he loves because he can regularly write about all the interesting people and personalities across the company. Before joining Kaplan in August 2006, he worked for six years at various public relations firms where his clients included IKEA and Heineken. Prior to working in public relations, he worked as a legislative assistant for a member of the New York State Assembly. Russell is a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany, where he received his BA in political science and MA in communications.

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