The Top 5 Tips for Picking Your College Major


Off to college in just a month or two? Currently filling out your college applications? One of the questions that students spend a lot of time thinking about as they prepare to go to college is “What will my major be?”  And, it’s a great question! What you study in college and major in will impact not only your time while in college but also what you plan to do post-college.  To make choosing a bit easier, we have narrowed down the top 5 ways to pick the right college major for you!

1. Don’t pick too soon! Many college freshmen are tempted to declare their major when they set foot on campus.  Many of us have thought:  I want to be a doctor… lawyer…artist…teacher – just fill in the blank – when I grow up!  But, take some time to explore different classes and gain some experience outside the classroom in your intended field of study to ensure you are making the right decision! Make sure you balance your interests and talents with practical experience when choosing your major – this will lead to a more informed choice.

2. But, don’t wait until senior year of college either! College is a big financial investment.  You should take some time to make your decision while also thinking about your graduation timeline. You don’t want to waste too much time!

3. Don’t choose the major that everyone else you know is choosing.  It’s easy to want to choose the major that many of your friends are pursuing or the one that is the most popular at your school; however, you need to pick what is right for you! Yes, it is fun to study with friends and be in classes with them, but you can always take elective classes with them. You will be working toward your major for several years and it will very likely have a large impact on your post college professional life – make sure it is something you excel in and enjoy!

4. Be informed! This is very important. Make sure you take the time to ask all of your questions. Talk to professors, upperclassmen, your advisor, and the career center about your major and what it may mean for career prospects after your graduate.

5. Don’t panic! Yes, selecting your college major is an important decision. But, you do have time and it is not an irreversible decision.  Remember, college is a time of self-discovery! Explore and discover what truly interests you and the right decision will come to you.

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Komel Caruso

About the Author: Komel Caruso

Komel Caruso is the Marketing Manager for PreCollege Programs at Kaplan Test Prep. A die-hard Michigan Wolverines fan, Komel graduated from the University of Michigan in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. During her eight years at Kaplan Test Prep, Komel has had the opportunity to work on several different teams, including PreCollege Marketing, Business Development, and Premier Tutoring. During her time away from Kaplan Test Prep, Komel earned her Masters of Science in Marketing from NYU and worked as a consultant for Disney, spearheading the strategy and execution of their email campaigns for the Disney Movie Rewards Program. When not advising students and parents on standardized tests and the college admissions process, Komel enjoys spending time with her family and travelling.

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